The beautiful former actress of adult films, Mía Khalifa, was remembering the occasion when she was warned about the closure by the v1rus and at the same time she showed off her figure

The famous former actress of adult films, Mía Khalifa , uploaded a photograph showing off her hair as long as Rapunzel’s while remembering how it was the time she received the news that we would all lock us in our homes thanks to the world situation that swept this 2020.

In the description of the photo, Mía Khalifa talks that she was in the beauty salon when she was suddenly warned of what was happening, so to this day she has not cut her hair as a symbol that marks all the time that has happened since then.

At the same time, the model was in charge of delighting her loyal followers, since in the lower part of the photograph we can see the underwear she was wearing, a very flirty one that has quite interesting embroidery that her fans surely enjoyed seeing it a lot.

The attention she received was so much that she managed to gather more than 500 thousand likes in a very short time, as well as thousands of comments, where they compliment her and tell her about their experience as well since internet users seek to participate wherever they have the opportunity.

Apart from the comments telling their anecdotes about how they found out about the world situation and the confinement that we would have for many months, the followers also released the occasional comment pointing out that they could not stop showing their figure.

This situation around Mia Khalifa has become a topic of entertainment, as the actress has said that she is very upset with the type of comments made on her social networks, as well as on her exclusive content page since they are very respectful and write very nasty things to you.

Mia Khalifa seeks to forget her past and leave it behind, however, Internet users have not been able and take great pains to remind her, as well as to send her one or another message disrespecting her, a very sad situation and that it seems that it will not end.

However, Mia sometimes takes it with humor and has even published some screenshots of the way she answers them, while still inviting us to subscribe to that page where she promises us much better photos and videos than those of her account from Instagram.

The legend of adult entertainment knows that it is one of the most sought after on the internet, so it takes advantage of that situation to monetize since these days and especially in 2020 the matter is complicated and you have to find a way to generate income from through the internet, one of the tools that has been more useful than ever.

Finally, we could rescue that Mía Khalifa has changed a lot, now she dedicates her time to spend the best moments of her life with her husband, with whom by the way she just uploaded a video playing with her feet and enjoying the company of her puppy, who also adore and take it everywhere.

Visiting the desert in some relaxing walks where he sees that he has had a great time looking for a moment of tranquility and clearing his mind of all the situations that he has gone through this year.


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