In a Red Beach Dress, Kylie Jenner Awakens Passion on Social Networks


Her new makeup line “Grinch Collection” will be available this afternoon, and the businesswoman Kylie Jenner decided to remind us of it in a very peculiar way, posing with a tiny red swimsuit

If someone knows how to pose better than anyone, in order to promote a product or a new launch of their makeup or skincare line, that is definitely Kylie Jenner, the model and socialite knows how to capture the full attention of her millions of followers, for their own interests.

And the fact is that the businesswoman poses like a goddess from the comfort of her large patio, in the pool area, wearing only a tiny red swimsuit, which barely covers what she has to cover, causing her followers to finish more than in love.

It is a series of five photographs where Kylie shows her sensational figure at an angle that favors her a lot since she is shown in profile, but at the same time, her back can be clearly seen, which accentuates her curved silhouette

In addition to showing us her tan, the socialite proudly shows us her long blonde hair and her characteristic flirtatious looks that cause the biggest sighs to those who have dedicated themselves to seeing her publication.

Kylie appears in all the images, sitting peacefully on the edge of her bunk, in some images, the businesswoman decided to stare at the camera and in others, she simply ignored it, one of her keys in creating her entertainment.


What is a fact is that in each and every one of the images, the makeup mogul looks fantastic and both her front attributes and her gluteal region are perfectly in place.

And we are not sure if the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner clan, decided to wear a smaller size than usual or simply that is the cut off the hot b1k1n1, what we do know is that she knows perfectly how to wear it.

Another detail is that, being around Christmas time, and she was mentioning her new makeup line “Grinch Collection”, Kylie decided to wear a very small swimsuit, which certainly has nothing to do with it, nor does it have anything allusive with Christmas or with the theme of the new makeup line of the businesswoman. 

Although, on second thought, we think he decided to dress that way to refer to the Santa Claus outfit that the Grinch wears in his movie. 

Whatever the case, Kylie looks wonderful and she knows it, so she decided to delight her millions of followers on Instagram with this incredible series of photographs, hopefully, with this, we do not forget that her new collection is available from her page web, from 3:00 pm.

The publication has managed to gather more than 11 million likes, not to mention the countless comments that are dedicated to flattering the stunning beauty of the young woman. 

It is worth mentioning that the businesswoman, since she announced the new line, has dedicated her publications to promoting the now long-awaited collection, in all possible ways, from placing small “previews”, photographs of her dressed as the character, this publication in her tiny swimsuit two pieces, and the last one, where he made next to his little and beloved Stormi, a couple of decorated Grinch cupcakes. 

And, as if that weren’t enough, in the latter where she appears with her tender daughter, as is Kylie’s custom, both wear the same outfit, which, this time the outfit was chosen was striped pajamas in shades of green, while they were still in his elegant kitchen. 

Just at the time of writing this note, a last publication by the businesswoman has come out, where she notified us that there are around 30 minutes before her collection is launched. 


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