There is no doubt that Joselyn Cano has been a lot of censorship, due to a video that she shared recently where she appears showing a swimsuit that does not cover almost anything

The 29-year-old model and businesswoman Joselyn Cano seems to be constantly challenging Instagram, due to the provocative images both in video and in photographs that she has shared, in her most recent publication she appears in a tight swimsuit that does not cover almost anything about her figure.

Days ago he had already shared an image of it, Joselyn Cano was sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly spread, this caught the attention of her followers, becoming even more popular.

The swimsuit is complete and blue in color, it has some details in rather subtle golden flowers, to draw even more attention she decided to be accompanied by an ostentatious necklace of stones that were mostly white, some blue and mustard color, it also attracted a lot The attention that the fabric being a little “stretched” looked a bit transparent so its charms were easily visible.

In the video the young celebrity of social networks decided to be a little more daring by sharing the video where she appears with a said swimsuit, from what can be seen it seems to be too stretched, this has a very tight cut so the front part It is very narrow, it could easily be said that it almost did not cover anything in the lower one although it does not show anything, it is sure that its fans imagined it.


The advantage that Joselyn Cano has over other personalities in the environment is her angelic face, although there are those who came to compare her with Kanye West’s wife even calling her “The Mexican Kim Kardashian”, there are those who say that she looks a bit like Demi Rose, due to the fact that they are both models that are characterized by being curvy girls.

Unlike other recognized models on the Internet, Joselyn Cano has managed to differentiate herself precisely by the content she shares on social networks, the same publications have been quite provocative because she has no pending to show her charms while using transparencies.

It is likely that his followers are surprised because Josey, as the beautiful model with hazel eyes is also known, is that he did not use to share content continuously, he did it on some occasions every two weeks and even more, for a week he has been posting every two days, and this November 18 precisely decided to do it twice with two impressive videos.

This Joselyn Cano has done to attract more subscribers to her OnlyFans page where she can share exclusive content for adults, surely this technique has been working where she boasts her charms and immediately millions react by subscribing to her page.

The model and also a businesswoman is not the only one who has opted for this type of content where in exchange for publishing certain images in exchange she gets money for it, something the same as on Instagram but without any censorship.

There are other names that perhaps you did not know that they also have a page of this type, perhaps one or the other, the best known is the actress and singer Bella Thorne, the young woman recently entered and apparently has done quite well according to certain portals.

Another name that you may or may not know are Suzy Cortez is better known as Miss Bumbum of Brazilian origin, Noelia, a renowned Puerto Rican singer and businesswoman, and also Ana Cheri who, like Josey Cano, is a model, businesswoman, and also a fitness coach.

As you can see there is a wide “market” within this industry that has been attracting attention, could you choose your favorite?