5 Mobile Gaming Tips To Help You Find Your Niche


The mobile gaming market is a true behemoth. In 2019, the industry generated $68.5 billion in revenue. However, it is currently on course for a 12% increase on that figure by the end of this year. Current forecasts are predicting total revenue of $76.7 billion by the end of 2020 and it is only expected to keep growing from there.

But one drawback to a constantly expanding marketplace is that it is becoming harder and harder for players to find the titles that appeal to them. Whether you are a complete novice discovering games for the first time on mobile, or you are an avid gamer who is convinced that mobile games aren’t for them, we can help you hone in on a title you will actually love.

Start Simple

Some of the most popular games available on mobile are also among the simplest in terms of their design and gameplay. Take Slap Kings as an example. The premise of slap Kings is simple enough. As the tagline says: slap or be slapped. Who doesn’t love slapping and or being slapped? Clearly, there are a lot of people who are really into this idea. 35.6 million individuals downloaded and installed Slap Kings in March 2020. This was more monthly downloads than any other mobile game that year.

There are numerous high-quality full console and PC games available for download on IOS and Android. But casual games are the most popular genre for mobile gamers. This is hardly surprising. Mobile gamers are more likely to want to play in quick bursts throughout the day. Casual games that do not put the player under pressure and can be played in short sessions are ideal for the mobile platform.

If you don’t know where to begin in your quest to find your niche in the mobile market, we would recommend that you begin your search with some titles in the casual genre.

Freemium And Premium

There are plenty of titles that are 100% free and don’t have any in-app purchases. You can have a perfectly good mobile gaming experience without spending a penny. However, most players will have to spend somethingif they want to have the best experience possible.

Under the free-to-play model, players can download and play the game for free but are encouraged to spend money on microtransactions. This controversial business model is undeniably effective at extracting money from players. Some games strong-arm the player into spending money by putting up arbitrary barriers that they have to pay to remove, while there are others you can happily play without ever spending money, even though you have that option.

If you’re more used to console gaming, you might feel more comfortable just paying for your games upfront. You will find a diverse range of ports available on mobile; from Rome: Total War, to XCom: Enemy Within. If you prefer to pay more for a quality title and then not have to spend on it again, you should probably avoid games marked with ‘in-app purchases.’

Browser Games Vs Apps

Most mobile gamers play app-based games downloaded from their smartphone’s app store. However, there are some genres that lend themselves better to browser-based play. Perhaps the best example of this is online casino games.

If you’re a fan of casino games, you will find plenty of apps that enable you to indulge your inner gambler. However, if you want to play for real money and have an authentic casino experience on mobile, online casinosare a better option. You can check https://www.onlinecasinos.co.uk/ for a list of the best online casinos currently available in the UK. The majority of these now support mobile browsers, some even offer apps to download. Onlinecasinos.co.uk is a great place to find new online casinos as they let you know what welcome bonuses to expect upfront.

However, most other genres are best experienced through dedicated apps. That said, there is a growing number of websites providing browser-based games for mobile users. If you’re old enough to remember when websites like Slime Sportswere all the rage and you still have a soft spot for browser games, you can now have the same experience on mobile.

Peripherals Can Make A Huge Difference

Player Unknown: Battlegrounds, more commonly known as PUBG, was a smash hit when it first released on PC. After being ported to mobile, the game has gone on to generate more than $225.2 million. The majority of this money comes from China, where the publisher Tencent is based. Chinese players account for 58% of the games’ revenue, as well as the majority of its player base. The US lags behind, generating just 9.6% of the revenue.

If you play first or third-person shooter games on console or PC, you may well be wondering how anyone could stand to play such titles using a mobile device and touchscreen interface. The simple answer is that many players don’t. There is now a diverse range of peripherals available for mobile gamers that enable them to play using a gamepad. Some of these are separate controllers that connect via Bluetooth or USB. But there are some that attach to your phone, turning it into a Switch-style console.

Don’t be deterred from trying your favourite titles because of concerns about how they handle; peripherals can fix any shortcomings.

Singleplayer Vs Multiplayer

When we say that the mobile game market is huge, we really mean it. The revenues generated by mobile games are certainly impressive, but the number of mobile gamers is also worth noting. With more than 2.2 billion players worldwide, there are plenty of other people to play with. If you prefer online multiplayer games, you will be spoiled for choice on mobile. Multiplayer mobile games tend to focus more heavily on social features than their console counterparts.

If you prefer to game alone, there are numerous titles on offer beyond the ones we mentioned above. For example, escape room-style games are very popular on mobile and make for a great experience if you like puzzle games.

Many people still consider mobile gaming as inferior to regular gaming. But the industry has come a long way. Sure, there’s a lotof rubbish to wade through. But no matter what your preferences are, there are certain to be mobile games you can enjoy.