Thalia, Farina and Sofia Reyes, the “Latin Music Queens.”


(CNN Spanish) — Thalia, Farina and Sofia Reyes be part of to the collection “Latin Music Queens” on the platform Facebook Watch.

Over three chapters, the “chicaneras”, as they name themselves, to point out the method of recording a musical theme that ultimately you could know.

How was the thought born? Thalia, who produces the collection, says to CNN: “I Had this restlessness and need from 2019 when I had the chance to be in a award and when I got on the stage with two companions and feel that energy that left me vibrating, I thought it would be incredible that in the collaboration next we could follow the process of the music with powerful women in this industry.”

“Originated by the destination, Farina and I had a project, it was with Sofi, we connect the three and here we are presenting this show,” he provides.

Thalia is a singer-songwriter, actress, writer, dressmaker and influencer of social networks. Has had 30 singles within the Top 10 of the listings – 17 of them have been positioned within the place #1 – and has offered over 50 million albums world wide (Courtesy Facebook Watch)

Empowerment, camaraderie and union feminine

Britney Spears in opposition to Christina Aguilera, Thalía in opposition to Paulina Rubio, Salma Hayek in opposition to Jennifer Lopez, previously, it was an “endless war” comparisons between girls. “Latin Music Queens” wish to break the mould to place two girls in opposition to and, as a substitute, seeks union and camaraderie.

“We’ve always grown and we compare ourselves with other people and it is precisely the moment to do the opposite. Each of us have our own way, we are authentic. Each are different in our own way and we don’t compare them. And we look for this to change the way you see those comparisons out there,” says Sofia Reyes.

By his facet, Thalia claims that they’re different occasions.

“This time is different, with many women’s movements and empowerment, today you have to be together at this time, support us and grow hand in hand,” he provides.

“This show is going to ratify the union of this new generation of women. There are many junctions of women that before were not present. This reality is going to ratify that union, that sense of camaraderie and empathy of a woman with the other. To exalt the other, the talent of each and that is what has the ‘Latin Music ‘ Queens’,” concluded Farina.

With solely 24 years, Sofía Reyes has been nominated twice to the Latin American Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, Latin GRAMMYs, Premios Juventud, amongst others. (Courtesy Facebook Watch)

What the viewers will see?

“In addition to laugh, go to see our day-to-day, our friendship and what we have grown. It has been amazing to work with them, providing us with ideas. This is not only a show, is to introduce audiences to music that is going to stay forever,” says the younger rapper initially from Colombia.

“It’s the first show of three divas or queens latinas who represent all women. We will display all the experiences and I am proud to be a part of this, and I want to thank you for making me feel make me feel, very special, beloved and respected”, he provides.

By his facet, Thalia reiterates: “as long as we’re all, we vibrate, there is a lot of love. Is to see the process as magical music, create music, for people to see all that there is behind a single song, that music, those silences, repeat until you quit”.

Farina states that his title means “Beacon of light” in Arabic, whereas his final title Pao means “wrap” in chinese language. She is pleased with her ancestry, maternal and paternal, and the colourful mixture of cultures that type the core of his artwork. (Courtesy Facebook Watch)

“Music is not just marketing, but a process of passion and energy,” says Thalia

Pop Zone
What he realized every one in every of you, and the best way to outline this undertaking referred to as “Latin Music Queens”?

“The way that I connected with each one. With Fari, I connect with that mischief, flirtation and madness to the fullest. With Sofi we connect roll up in a very intimate and spiritual, the here-and-now, be present and enjoy the moment.”

“Chicaneras”, so we name, the “chicaneras power”. Sofia I realized that I’ve to maintain being myself, it is so distinctive, so stress-free. It is so calm and passionate. It is the hippie of the three. To Thalia, since I met her, the revolutions of my ardour for music got here up. Thalia is the girl with probably the most unbelievable I’ve ever identified. She awakened much more ardour than the one they already had.”

Sofia Reyes
“For me, Thalia and Farina the word that defines it is: real. I feel that the three we made a connection very real, are pure love, are real and authentic, human and awakened many things in me, both of them I admire for being very passionate, by having an energy and a brightness very special.”

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