Laura Bozzo intends to be a candidate for the presidency of Peru


A political organization in that country is in talks with Bozzo to be the candidate for that party.

Laura Bozzo does not want to spend a lot of time on the lawsuit filed against her by her former partner Cristian Zuárez, as she is now thinking about the possibility of running for the presidency of her native Peru.

The host commented: “It is a new party that has approached me, it is people who have not been involved in politics, they are businessmen who want a change and they have approached me to ask if I would like to accept the application, something that is still there. In evaluation, I certainly have these days to answer, because the elections are in April 2021, but let’s see ”.

Cristian accused her of domestic violence, and his legal defense sent a document to Bozzo in which he says: “Laura Cecilia Bozzo Rotondo, it is strictly forbidden to carry out acts of intimidation or annoyance to the victim Cristian Ariel Zuárez or people related to her.”

So for the moment, Laura will be focused on the invitation made by that Peruvian political party, and her response will be awaited.