Patricia Manterola has spoken for the first time after the death of Xavier Ortiz


The singer and Ortiz, Garibaldi’s former partners, had a 10-year long romance and a marriage of five.

Patricia Manterola speaks for the first time about Xavier Ortiz, her ex-husband, and who took his own life on September 7 at his home in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The actress and singer told the program ‘Sale el Sol’: “What can I say to everyone who no longer knows, you know the affection, but above all the respect that Xavi and I had for each other, regardless of whether our relationship ended. 16 years ago, and precisely because of that respect for him, his family, his loved ones, and his son, I feel that my comments and my words are not very important at this time, they do not have much value, that is why I have remained very prudent, very far from this unexpected and painful situation for many ”.

Manterola and Xavier Ortiz married in 1999 and separated in 2004. It was a very cordial divorce, they never starred in a scandal or made strident statements to the press. Their relationship thus continued until the death of Es Garibaldi, of great respect and affection.


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