Lili Reinhart asks to “leave alone” Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt


The Riverdale actress is uneasy about the couple being discussed after they reunited for a live event this week.

Lili Reinhart hopes that people on the internet will stop talking about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt after the ex-husbands met for an event streamed live this week.

Brad and Jen were two of the stars who participated in the ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ table reading, and all eyes were on them, of course.

Unpopular opinion: can we leave Jennifer and Brad alone? Stop analyzing each of your movements and facial expressions every time you are involved in something together. May they live their lives in peace, ”Lili tweeted on Friday (September 18).

During the table reading, Brad and Jen read a very hot pool scene in which their characters had an erotic daydream.

Lili knows what it’s like to have her relationship in the spotlight.