Kim Kardashian is powerless in the wake of her husband’s latest public outcry – a worrying revelation in People magazine about Kanye West’s condition


Superstar Kim Kardashian-West is rumored to be powerless after her husband Kanye West’s condition worsens again.

Super-celebrity and reality TV star Kim Kardashian-West and rapper husband Kanye West were on the verge of divorce in the summer when West caused a massive uproar with a speech at the presidential election ceremony and the ensuing Twitter rage.

The couple was reported to be in a better position after they vacationed with their four children in the Caribbean and then spent time together in the United States. Last week, however, West began a rampage on Twitter again, and during his rage, he posted, among other things, a video where he was supposed to urinate on top of his Grammy statue.

– For him, being without medication is not really an option. It will completely change his personality, the wife said at the time.

In connection with the previous crisis, it was reported that, in reality, the couple has been living practically completely apart for about a year.

He (West) has completely changed his life to Wyoming and it is not the place where the life of the rest of their family is, the source said about the situation of the family in the summer.

According to sources, Kardashian would not want a divorce from the West, but the Kardashian family would still feel that the rapper crossed the boundaries with his overly personal revelations about his family’s private life. West spoke at his campaign in July about his abortion stance and told in an emotional turmoil how he had discussed abortion with his wife when he had started expecting a couple’s firstborn daughter.

– She (Kardashian) thought he would live the rest of his life with him, but at this point, he has to be realistic because of his family. Children are a top priority, a source told U.S. Weekly at the time.