Angelina Jolie is looking for young people for Youtube video – Kaleva: high school girl selected was washed


A high school student from Lili was selected for the Youtube video of Angelina Jolie’s production company.

We reported on Thursday that the production company and the production company’s frontman Angelina Jolie are looking for a young Lili to perform on her Youtube channel. The channel showcases climate activists from around the world. The background of the search was In Micropolis.

The application period ended on Friday, and according to the newspaper Kaleva, an Ii high school student was selected for the position from among twenty applicants. The young woman applied for the position because she was interested in the special experience.

– In the interview, I spoke English all the time, and it went just fine. Among other things, they were interested in what kind of things we do at home for the benefit of the climate, a high school student tells Kaleva.

– It talks about climate issues, and I already have some idea of ​​my own role. I can’t tell you more.

The exact content and schedule of Youtube production as well as the name of the production company have not yet been announced. The project will also remain silent from the direction of Micropolis. Anna Saksio, Micropolis’ Communications and Marketing Manager, confirms the progress of production.

– We can confirm that international production is progressing, and according to our information, one young woman from Ia is involved. He gave an interview to a local newspaper. According to our information, no other Finnish municipalities have been approached, but international productions can change quickly, Saksio points out to Iltalehti.

– It is a pioneer in climate work, he still glows.

The municipality of Ii has received a lot of attention in the world due to its climate actions and the BBC, among others, has made a documentary on the subject.

Ii has also managed to kick the award with her ambitious climate project.

– Two years ago, we won the climate series of a European Union project competition. This award aroused widespread interest in our activities. We have also been visited by a television group from Portugal and the French and German national radios have made a story about Ii, Ii Mayor Ari Alatossava glowed last December.