Justin Bieber and Hailey: the two lovers celebrate their second wedding anniversary!


Justin Bieber and his wife: in love as on the first day!

The announcement had the effect of a bomb two years ago. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were married in secret in New York. In fact, no one expected Justin to get married. And also quickly. A lot of people thought that the lifelong love of the Canadian superstar was Selena Gomez. It is true that young people spend their time to separate and to reconcile. Indeed, the two singers meet when Selena was 16 and Justin 18. If Selena is known for her work at Disney, Justin is already a superstar who went from gig to gig in a private jet. The young man has countless fans and each of his appearances triggers fits of hysteria among young girls. But the young couple spends their time breaking up and reconciling. In short, it is “I love you, neither do I”. Certainly, in the meantime, during the quarrels with Selena, Justin had other adventures. He had been in a relationship with Hailey Baldwin. The young lady is the niece of Alec Baldwin and the cousin of Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Kim Basinger. In short, the young girl comes from a family where beauty is in the genes.

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The couple got married in September 2018

It was in September 2018 that to the surprise of the whole world, Hailey and Justin announced their wedding. This was done in a secret wayIn New York. Indeed, nothing announced this union. It is true that the young people were already in a relationship in 2016, but Justin did not want to engage when the girl had serious intentions. The young people met two years later, in May 2018. They got engaged after only two months, to get married in the greatest secrecy in September 2018. Internet users expected a reaction from Selena Gomez, but there was none. It is true that the two young people had been separated for a while and that their relationship had seen its ups and downs.

A first discreet ceremony

The first ceremony had been very discreet, even secret. It took place in New York. A year later, the young couple made a big ceremony for their respective families. And it was in front of nearly 160 guests that the couple renewed their wedding vows, in South Carolina in front of a magnificent skewer of handpicked guests. The couple had waited for the sun to go down to exchange wedding rings from Tiffany’s. Ultimately, the young people had organized a very glamorous ceremony, at the height of their love.

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The second wedding  celebrated with ease

In fact, the second wedding anniversary was celebrated discreetly by the young couple. Hailey posted a cute pic of herself in a park with the caption pic-nic lady. She wore pretty jeans that showed off her gorgeous figure. For his part, Justin posted a video of his wife singing a pretty song. But that’s not all, shortly before, Justin had posted a very personal message on social networks. He had written that he was from a small town in Ontario and that he was not motivated by money or fame. Justin admitted that during his teenage years he had slipped that his ego had taken over. He concluded by writing that he wanted to become a better person to be a better husband and a good father. We could not make a prettier declaration to his wife and to the mother of his future children.