Britney Spears after a divorce with her husband decided to put into practice


Britney Spears is one of the most famous pop music performers, who had both ups and downs in her life, and all of them have been widely covered in the media. 

However, some of the iconic events of her life are worth remembering dark art.

For example, Britney’s high-profile wedding in 2004, when she swore eternal love for Kevin Federline. Britney and her husband had two offspring, unfortunately, their marriage ended just 2 years later.

The couple dreamed of a grand wedding in Santa Barbara, unfortunately, this thought had to be given up, but someone spread it out where the famous couple was going to get married. Because the wedding had to be secret, they soon canceled it. The two wanted to invite as many as 250 people to the wedding, which was due to take place in Santa Barbara, but due to an unpleasant last-minute surprise, the number of guests dropped as needed. Only 27 closest friends visited here. Interestingly, the wedding even took place in the chic house of B. Spears and K. Federline, the wedding planner, worth even more than 2 million. euros. Even the guests were puzzled, for they imagined that they were simply coming to an engagement party, not a real wedding.  True, they managed to deceive not only the guests. Even before the actual celebration, photos of Britney and the rapper appeared, in which they both wear Juicy Couture training clothes. Britney’s dress even had “Mrs. Federline” written on it – that’s what sparked the thought of the wedding. Moreover, her beloved and cousins ​​were also dressed in the described white training. True, as it turned out later, it was just the clothes of the party that followed.

In fact, at the ceremony, Mr. Spears appeared with 28,000. The value of the dress, and its bridesmaids with red dresses created by the same designer, Monique Lhuillier, the price of which is also considerable – over 3 thousand. euros. Immediately after the ceremony, the couple danced an extremely sexy dance during which Kevin broke his garter from his leg, and it was all watched by their family.  Later, Britney Spears also showed her impressive dance moves when the celebration moved to Los Angeles nightclubs. “The whole crowd applauded and rejoiced – it was like a big party,” said the owner of the club, where everyone was partying.  However, the best part of this story is that in 2008, 2 years after the divorce, Britney decided to oppose everyone’s belief that the bride would never wear the same dress again and reappeared with her. True, this time already – not even at a wedding, but when going shopping. This time she was supported by a friend and Britney helped him choose a new Mercedes-Benz car.