Kylie Jenner hates people touching her luxury cars!


Kylie Jenner hates people touching her luxury cars. The pretty brunette makes it a point of honor that no one comes close.

At only 22 years old, Stormi’s mother owns many brands. She built an empire with her cosmetics.

Building on the success of her brand, the young entrepreneur therefore bought a new villa in full confinement. In fact, in July, several months ago she bought a villa worth more than $ 36 million.

A pretty house for her little Stormi, who has a personalized room. But that’s not all, since a huge garden litter the villa.

During confinement, the mother and the daughter, therefore, spent quality moments together. They took advantage of being confined to plant fruits and vegetables.

And who says new house, necessarily says the new car, and it’s a Rolls Royce! Indeed, the star bought a new car and she did not hesitate to personalize it.


The young woman’s last car is a beautiful pink car. The young woman, therefore, loves to match her cars with her outfits.

A few days ago, the young woman was therefore organizing a photoshoot with her sublime pink outfit, in her beautiful all pink car. The result, 11 million Likes.

And if there is one thing that the young woman cannot stand, it is that one touches her cars. Stormi’s mom makes it a point of honor not to touch her cars.

Valets, bodyguards, agents … They are therefore tasked so that no one except them or Kylie, does not touch the car of the youngest billionaire.

The young woman is very attached to her personal belongings and there is, therefore, no question of anyone touching them, therefore.