Selena Gomez Soon In A Brand New Serial Project!


The young artist Selena Gomez has not finished surprising us! We tell you everything about the new project she is preparing. Selena Gomez is embarking on a new serial project! 

After spending much of this year in confinement in California, Selena Gomez flies to the East Coast! Indeed, the young woman is on a brand new project in New York.

Thus, Selena Gomez has just signed with the Hulu channel to play in Only Murders in the Building. The cast also includes Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Filming for the series is slated to begin in October in New York. During an interview for The Daily Beast, Martin Short gave more details about the series.

Selena Gomez is, therefore, embarking on a new serial project. What we know for now is that the show traces the story of 3 people who live in New York.

They all live in the same building. The 3 don’t necessarily have great affinities, they just cross paths in the elevator and exchange small talk.

“They don’t even know each other’s first names. ”  Says Martin Short in The Daily Beast. But they seem to share a common passion: a crime!

“Once, a fourth person gets on the elevator. This one is later found dead. “ Continues Martin Short. The 3 then decide to investigate to find the killer. 

However, they promise to solve only the murders that take place in their building. Hence the name of the series Only Murders in the Building.

Selena Gomez let it be known on Twitter that she was happy to be able to work with Steve Martin and Martin Short. You should know that the young woman is passionate about the criminal investigation.

In February, she had also participated in CrimeCon in Chicago with her mother. Can’t wait to discover this series!