Angelina Jolie Confessed How Her Family Dynamic Is At Home Due To The Quarantine: “I Like The Chaos”

Angelina Jolie : Source (Twitter)

The artist revealed what it is like to spend all day with her 6 children.

While it was known that Angelina Jolie has decided to give Brad Pitt a low blow in the process of his eternal divorce, she remains happy in her mansion with all her children.

In the midst of promotions for its new movie “One And Only Ivan,” the film production company unveiled E! ‘S “Daily Pop”. how is the family dynamics during the quarantine by the coronavirus :

“You know, I’ve never been one to value relaxation … I like chaos.”

Jolie assured that, just as several people are facing the complicated challenge of working at home with the family hanging around, she is no exception to being interrupted by her children or pets while she is doing important things:

“I’ve been to high-level meetings where there are dogs … children and things.”

For Angelina it is important to try to make schedules at home so that her children do not lose the habit of certain “structures”, but she confessed that she is not the member of her house who is best at being orderly and organized.

“My daughter Zahara is better at organizing things than I am,” said the interpreter. She also let it be known that everyone enjoys movie nights: “Lots of popcorn and, like all families really, we’re just pajamas, robes, snacks.”

“The One and Only Ivan” will premiere on August 21 through Disney +. This film arose from the taste that Shiloh, the first biological daughter of  the American and Brad Pitt, had for this book: “It is a truly special story.”