Are we moving towards a more digital era?


Among the many changes that the Covid-19 crisis has wrought has been the dramatic shift in the business world, from bricks and mortar to digital. Offices have been closed and replaced with remote working, while some businesses have defied the odds and survived through creative thinking – for example fitness groups that have provided live-stream video classes for their customers. The question everyone is asking now though is: will this be a permanent shift towards digital working?

Could Canada be calling the future?

One country that certainly seems to be preparing itself for a new era of digital is Canada, with a revolutionary overhaul taking place there. Like businesses in other parts of the world, small and larger firms in Canada were forced to adapt when the Covid-19 crisis hit, and it is those that had already started to implement digital and remote working options that have fared best. Canada is country that appears to be convinced that this is the future and it is investing huge sums in digitising its workplaces, from virtual offices to e-commerce. This has kept many companies afloat during the crisis, but what about now that things appear to be getting back to normal?

Common Covid-19 corporate measures

Those businesses that were able to transition to remote working did so when the pandemic hit, with many office-based firms setting their workers up with the tech needed to work from home and communicate via video apps like Zoom. Some of these businesses already appear to be concluding that this change benefited them by reducing overheads and saving on commuting time and costs. Thus much more office work seems likely to be done remotely using digital tools in the future.

Some retailers have also been able to continue trading during the crisis by focusing on their websites and e-commerce options. While we will surely see those companies that had neglected this side of their operations before Covid-19 paying far more attention to it in the future, there is more of a limit to how digital-based such businesses can be in the long-term. As with the hospitality sector, which has been devastated by this crisis, most shops will need to continue operating bricks and mortar outlets. The future of retail is digital to a degree though, as shopping online is set to be more popular than ever while people remain unsure of their safety.

A rise in the use of digital technology such as video conferencing apps has been one of the notable ways Covid-19 has changed the business world. This tech has allowed companies to conduct meetings, but it has also let other small firms like fitness instructors continue providing classes. With face-to-face meet ups and group gatherings off the table for the foreseeable future, video conferencing could supplant them.

Canada is responding to the virus aftermath by investing in a digital future, but while many businesses can adapt to this scenario, others will struggle to do so.