Marvel: a well-known character returns in Spider-Man 3


This is news that seems almost built to please comic book fans, so much on the big screen it will not necessarily have left an unforgettable memory. The actor Tony Revolori will be present in the third installment of Spider-Man at Marvel. He was already present in the first two playing the character of Flash Thompson, both a fan of Spider-Man and a rival / nemesis made in Peter Parker’s high school. But this news could have real narrative consequences.

Spider-Man in Sony’s time?

From a narrative point of view, this 3rd episode takes a new direction for Spider-Man. Indeed, his secret identity was revealed at the end of the second film by J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle. So one would have thought that high school adventures were a thing of the past, but it won’t be. Beyond his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya), Peter Parker / Spider-Man will therefore find Flash Thompson. But, will it remain in a role of figuration? Nothing is less certain if we turn to comics.

Indeed, Flash Thompson is one of the characters who embody Venom on the side of literature. He notably succeeds Eddie Brock, a character played by Tom Hardy, in the film Venom at Sony. From there to seeing the famous brilliant transition touted by Tom Holland to bring Spider-Man out of the MCU, there is only one step. He would bring Flash Thompson, now the new Venom, with him to launch the series of films at Sony.

If Tony Revolori is not necessarily to his advantage in Spider-Man, he still has some great roles to his credit, in the Grand Budapest Hotel or Servant, the series currently broadcast by Apple TV +. So entrusting him with a supporting role in the Spider-Verse would therefore not be totally crazy …


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