Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful statement to Lisa Kudrow (Friends) for her birthday


Sixteen years already that the six friends of Friends have bowed out. And yet, since the end of the sitcom that made them famous, their performers have hardly left each other. Especially the girls. Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston have indeed remained very close, the second being in particular the godmother of Coco, the daughter that Courteney Cox had with David Arquette. Very close, the ex-Rachel, Monica and Phoebe also sometimes spend evenings all three not hesitating to share photos on social networks, and not failing to wish each other their respective birthdays as Lisa did in particular. Kudrow to Courteney Cox in June. Yesterday, Thursday July 30, while Lisa Kudrow was blowing out her 57th birthday, Jennifer Aniston sent her a beautiful declaration of love on Instagram.

“I love you” says Jennifer Aniston to Lisa Kudrow

The one who suffered a little from lending her features for ten years to the famous Rachel Green posted a very beautiful story in honor of her former filming friend. On this story first appear two photos: a first in black and white dating from the Friends era in which the two friends pose side by side and each make a face and a second, more recent in which Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston s ‘hug. The ex-star of Friends, whose French have just elected their favorite character, commented on these two clichés with adorable words. “Happy birthday, my sweet Floosh. I love you,” she wrote.

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