Emma Watson (Harry Potter) open to dating other actors? Here’s what she really thinks


Is Emma Watson open to dating other actors? Find out his answer.

An intriguing love life! While the editorial ‘of melty offered you to discover the identity of the Harry Potter actor who secretly fell for Emma Watson, the 30-year-old actress has never been tempted by one of her co-stars. Now in a relationship with the Californian entrepreneur Leo Robinton, the young woman lives a pretty romance away from prying eyes and Emma then chose to open her heart to a man completely foreign to the world of showbiz. As for seeing other actors? Hermione Granger’s interpreter has a strong opinion on the matter.

During an interview with Glamor a few years ago, Emma Watson confided frankly: “I have not tried to make other famous friends or to go out with people who work in the same area as mine “ she said before continuing ” It is difficult and it can be very superficial. I am lucky that most of the people I date are the ones I have been with. university “ . You will understand, the young woman likes simplicity and discretion and the other actors now know what to expect. For more news on Emma Watson, check out what Daniel Radcliffe really thought about his kiss with the actress.