Drake about to collaborate with Hamza?


Several things suggest that Drake would do a next feat with Hamza. The fans then imagined several possible theories.

Is Drake planning to do a feat with French rapper Hamza? It is the dream of the fans of the two artists! MCE tells you more …

The Canadian rapper is still talking about him! Always on top of trends, Drake is and will remain one of the most fashionable artists.

Just like the rapper Hamza in France and Belgium! He leaves a trap imprint in current rap. Thus, a collaboration between the two artists would then be incredible!

Drake just released a brand new album last May. And it’s a hit! But a few days ago, he again unveiled a freestyle “Only You”. And it’s a hit …

Drake set to collaborate with rapper Hamza?

Drake set to collaborate with rapper Hamza?

Drake hints at a future collaboration with Hamza?

So it was this famous freestyle that alerted the fans! Indeed, Drake then says the name of a certain “Hamza” inside. This sentence therefore appealed to French-speaking fans. 

”  Arabic ting told me that I look like Youssef, look like Hamza “. A rumor then runs in the corridors of rap in recent days. Especially since Hamza and Drake have already crossed paths during a concert by the Canadian rapper in Bercy. 

A series of recent events then suggest that a connection binds the two rappers. It is true that Drake wanted to conquer the French market even more. 

In addition, in a live on Instagram, Drake made listen to a new sound “Greece”. And it must be recognized that the air is strongly inspired by the Belgian MC. 

Drake also alternates French and English in the sound. A sign that shows that he is not closed to the idea of ​​working in this vibz ‘with Hamza. 

The two rappers then surf on the same wave. The feat would then be magical! But that’s not all. Drake had Hamza on his OVO radio several times at the time.

Several hypotheses are then possible. And there are various signs that something could be happening. But only time will confirm it!


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