Bruised: Halle Berry reveals herself as ultra badass MMA champion


The actress will soon sign her very first film as a director. She will play a MMA champion mother there.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most brutal combat sport, which allows many techniques from different martial arts, and which has grown in popularity in recent years. It is also this sport that actress Halle Berry has chosen to film for her stint in directing. The interpreter of Storm and Catwoman will camp a wrestler called Jackie Justice, who fights both in the ring and in court, in order to secure custody of her six-year-old son.

The project was first mentioned at the end of 2018 and filming would have started in March 2019. The release deadline seems to be approaching as the film will be presented at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in the month next September. In the meantime, Halle Berry has shared a very first shot of her feature film.

photo, Halle BerryFightclub

We see her concentrated in the ring, her gaze screwed into that of her opponent. She has swollen eyes, probably from a previous fight. She will give the reply to Adan Canto ( The Following, Designated Survivor ), Shamier Anderson ( Goliath ) and Stephen McKinley Henderson ( Fences, Devs ). A few months ago, during an interview with presenter Jimmy Fallon, the actress spoke about the difficult filming conditions of  Bruised: 

“You know I broke a few things on that movie. And you know what [laughs], it’s okay, I hurt myself all the time! But I realized that when you give it your all, you take the risk of being injured. When you do the stunts yourself, you take the risk of being injured … And in this movie, I faced Valentina Shevchenko, the real UFC flyweight champion , and you know what? She had to throw real punches, I really had to take them … and it broke some bones [laughs]. “

Halle berryThe catsuit is definitely in the closet, make way for gloves and the ring!

This film will not be the only film presented in Toronto and whose production is signed by an actor in vogue in Hollywood at the moment. Also featured will be  Falling , a family drama written, played and directed by Viggo Mortensen as well as the first film directed by Regina King ( If Beale Street Could Talk,  Watchmen, The Leftovers ). The latter will also speak of combat sport, since he will feature boxer Mohammed Ali, when he decides to join the Black Panthers movement.

Very busy with her new film, Halle Berry has only appeared in one film since 2017:  John Wick: Parabellum . Oscar winner in 2002 for  In the Shadow of Hate , she already played a mother-courage both broken and combative. The film will be released in the coming months, but no official release date has yet been specified.

Photo halle berry, In the shadow of hate, In the shadow of hateThis is my son, my battle


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