Bella Thorne asks Instagram to fight pedophilia!


Bella Thorne has been on vacation for several days with her boyfriend. Nevertheless, she wants to be committed against pedophilia.

Bella Thorne has been very successful since her Disney debut. The starlet has sent a strong message against pedophilia on social networks.

Bella Thorne rose to prominence a few years ago while starring in Disney. The star was very successful and since then she has been playing roles on the small screen. Moreover, fans were able to find her recently in Infamous.

The starlet has been promoting her film for months and can’t wait for fans to see it. In any case, she seems to have had a lot of fun on the set and she is rather proud of the result.

Bella Thorne is enjoying her summer vacation as it should. Indeed, she left for Mexico City and she joined her darling, Benjamin Mascolo. The actress is very happy to be able to spend some time with him and she even looks sexy in a bikini.

Bella has always proclaimed herself a feminist and she often puts forward her beliefs on social media. Nevertheless, this time around, she chose to fight against pedophilia.

Bella Thorne asks Instagram to censor pedophilia!

Bella Thorne fights against pedophilia!

Bella Thorne wants to be quite frank and she does not hesitate to share her ideas on social networks. Moreover , the star wants to be rather influential since she has more than 23 million subscribers on Instagram.

So, Thursday July 30, Bella chose to put forward a very serious and serious subject. Indeed, she points to pedophilia on social networks . So, she posted in Story a powerful message and she wants social networks to get involved.

“  Dear Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, censorship seems very effective. Please use the same methods to remove child pornography and pedophile accounts  ”can be read on one of his posts.

Bella Thorne therefore wants social networks to fight in turn against pedophilia . It seems like a great move and the star is hopeful that it will be successful.


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