Taylor Swift reveals the name of Blake Lively’s 3rd child!


Thanks to her latest album, Taylor Swift reportedly revealed the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ third baby in the title “Betty”

We knew the artists were very smart. But also, that they could send messages in a subliminal way. Taylor Swift has once again proved it when she revealed the name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ third baby.

Because yes, it is indeed the artist who swung that the new baby of the couple was going to be called “Betty” . Well, if you are fans of the singer, you are probably aware that a title from her new album has the same name.

Indeed, Taylor Swift was a big surprise to her fans several days ago. As Noovo recalls , she let it be known that she was releasing a new album, which stemmed from the period of confinement.

Eh among the titles of this album is thus “Betty” . A song already listened to and validated by fans who have also noticed that it was indeed the first name of the baby of the couple Lively / Reynolds.

But how can they be so sure with a single Taylor Swift song? Answer a little lower.

Taylor Swift reveals Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' baby name!

Taylor Swift reveals Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ baby name!

Blake Lively’s baby name revealed by Taylor Swift

Artists are good at placing subliminal messages in music or movies. But fans are even better at finding them . Something that have just done those of the ex of Harry Styles.

Indeed, followers of Taylor Swift know the lyrics of his songs like the back of their hands. This is why, when they realize that the two first names of the first two children of Blake Lively appear in the title “Betty” , it was necessary nonetheless to put the chip in their ears.

Because yes, Inez and James are indeed part of the song . You will have understood it, if the recent mother wanted to keep the secret about the name of her baby, it is missed.

It remains to be seen whether she had agreed with Taylor Swift for which she balances the first name of her third child to everyone or not.


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