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Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man film continues to unfold in a dribble, this time with the return of one of the franchise’s comedic characters.

Attention : spoilers sur Spider-Man Far from Home !

After a quarrel between Marvel and Sony which almost deprived Spider-Man of any future in the MCU (we talk about it in detail here), the superhero will be entitled to a last solo film before finding his enemies Venom and  Morbius  in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (or Spider-Verse for normal people). And if we hardly know anything about the film (except that it should contain the word ” Home ” in its title), we can easily deduce that the events of  Spider-Man: Far from Home  and more particularly its post-credits scene, will be at the heart of Jon Watts’ film. 

photo, Tom Holland, Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland

As a reminder, Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) set a trap for Peter, accusing him of his crimes and revealing his dual identity to the world. From the trailer and Morbius set footage , it looks like the teenager has left town now that everyone thinks he’s a murderer and the Daily Bugle editor-in-chief the inimitable J JK Simmons’ Jonah Jameson, seems determined to behead him in public.

An ordeal that could distance him (at least for a while) from Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), Happy (Jon Favreau) and his friends, in particular Ed (Jacob Batalon) and his girlfriend MJ (Zendaya). Which doesn’t mean the high school gang will be absent throughout the film. Deadline has confirmed that Tony Revolori will return as Flash Thompson, an absolute Spider-Man fan and sort of rival to Peter who appeared in the first two installments, once the production of season 2 of the Apple TV series + The Servant  (criticism here by the way). 

photo, Spider-Man : HomecomingTony Revolori dans Homecoming

Even if we do not yet know how important his role will be, fans of the spiderweb universe have already imagined that his character could follow the narrative arc of the comics, where he notably becomes one of the incarnations of Venom after Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy in the eponymous film), called Anti-Venom. Until now confined to a role of comic side kick, Flash Thompson could thus leave with Peter on the side of Sony, even if it is only a pure extrapolation. Tom Holland for his part had already let it be known that Sony had “a great idea” to release Spidey from the MCU, so we just have to wait and hope not to be disappointed. 

Outside the MCU and after playing in  The Grand Budapest Hotel , Tony Revolori will star in  Wes Anderson’s next  The French Dispatch, which we are so impatiently awaiting. In the meantime, our Spider-Man: Far from Home review is right here, and our Spider-Man: Homecoming review is right there. 

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