Justin Bieber to the rescue of Kanye West, he urges him to stop “ghosting” Kim Kardashian


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In the midst of a crisis, Kanye West seems to be able to still count on his relatives.

The Kardashian / West couple is currently experiencing a real crisis. Following controversial statements on abortion this Sunday, July 19 during his first meeting as a candidate for the presidential election, nothing is going anymore between the flagship couple. To the point that Justin Bieber would have urged Kanye West to contact the mother of their four children.

According to a source close to the singer, Justin Bieber would have come to visit Kanye at his ranch in Cody, Wyoming. The 26-year-old pop star was accompanied by his wife, Hailey Bieber. It is not only his famous rambling speech but also a series of tweets that would have ignited the powder. In them, the interpreter of “Good Morning” writes in particular that his wife would have cheated on him and that he would have tried to divorce, before apologizing publicly to Kim for his remarks. Bipolar disorders have been mentioned to explain the singer’s behavior.

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Since then, the couple would no longer speak. Kanye West has reportedly stopped giving his wife news, making the situation even worse. “She tried to reach him for days, but he did not answer calls or texts,” said the source, adding that he ”  did not want to face Kim (…) He avoids conflicts when he is like that. He knows he disappointed her and it kills him ” .

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Justin Bieber’s intervention would have allowed the founder of the brand Yeezy to text Kim and speak to him by phone. In April 2019, the Canadian singer himself confessed to having had to struggle with mental problems, before recording with Ed Sheeran, a track evoking psychological disorders.


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