Indiana Jones 5: Could the plot focus on the adventurer’s mother?


After the father, could Indiana Jones’ mother be at the heart of the plot of the next installment?


While Indiana Jones will be back on the big screen, many fans are wondering what the plot of this next installment will be directed by James Mangold . If the famous character of Harrison Ford could team up with a heroine, the scenario could also focus on a member of the adventurer’s family. An idea that doesn’t seem so surprising, The Last Crusade showing Henry Junior teaming up with his father while The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made Indiana Jones a family man. Although he is now old, the adventurer may however want to take stock of a life spent searching for treasures and plunging back into the past. This could lead him in particular on the footsteps of his family and more particularly on the legacy left by his mother.


Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in The Last Crusade. 
Sean Connery and Harrison Ford in The Last Crusade. – Credit (s): Paramount Pictures


Because if fans of the Indiana Jones saga were able to discover Indy’s father in the guise of Sean Connery in The Last Crusade , his mother was only portrayed during the television show titled The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones released in 1992. The public was able to discover Anna Mary Jones and the whole family’s journey around the world during two seasons.Nevertheless, Indy’s mother fell ill and died some time later from complications, the young woman having moreover hidden her illness from those around her. In addition, if the character of Harrison Ford vaguely mentioned in the fourth installment his mother with nostalgia and sadness, it could however have a more important place in the plot of the fifth film.


Anna Mary Jones (The Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones) and The Last Crusade. 
Anna Mary Jones (The Adventures of the Young Indiana Jones) and The Last Crusade. – Credit (s): Screen Rant


Having traveled the world alongside her husband, a history buff in particular obsessed with the Grail, Anna Mary Jones could also have developed a passion for archeology and its myths. So much so that she could have hidden this from her family and sometimes lead her own adventures, her husband being moreover often absent. After all, the young woman has already proven in the past to be a mysterious wife and mother, who lied about her illness but also almost had an affair with another man. Indiana Jones could then discover during the film of ancient writings of her mother, the latter may have focused on the search for El Dorado or a missing treasure while she traveled the world with her family between China, Russia and England.Upon finding out about this, Indiana Jones could set out to find her ending the quest her mother had started years before. Being particularly attached to his memory, it would not be surprising that the character of Harrison Ford embarks on a last adventure in order to honor his memory. This would reveal a more sensitive Indy but would also make the character of the mother a figure going beyond that of the simple wife. An element that would renew the genre and break the codes as James Mangold unveiled his vision of Indiana Jones 5 .