Celine Dion: she is going through a difficult ordeal, the star’s life is not always rosy!


Indeed, she lost her husband, René, in January 2016, who died of cancer. She took a long time to recover. Then, as if this misfortune was not enough, his partner, Peabo Bryson ended up on a hospital bed. Indeed, the American singer had a heart attack on Saturday April 27, 2019, putting Celine Dion at the worst. Find out more in this article.

Celine Dion’s life

Celine Dion did not have a perfect childhood. So, when she was very young, her life was already complicated. When she met René, things turned different, it was like a rebirth. So when she lost this loving husband, she believed she could no longer get up. However, aware that he would have liked her to continue to practice her profession as an artist, she did not want to give up. Indeed, René was not only a husband, but also a true mentor who knew how to help him in his profession. The singer has therefore embarked on larger professional projects that involve her working tirelessly and with discipline. Thus, she has:

  • decided to focus on dancing
  • presented shows color-rich
  • resumed his tours around the world.

It all helped her bring out all the pain she was feeling and gave her a little more joy.

Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson

Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson were met in 1991 . At the time, the singer was not yet married to René. Peabo, him, famous songwriter and performer full of talent, had charisma and success. He and Céline were then working on an album and they did an interpretation together, in 1992. This is the interpretation of the song from the famous cartoon Beauty and the Beast. During this performance, we felt like love at first sight between the two celebrities. The audience was charmed by the beauty and emotion expressed by the duo, whose voices matched so well. It was so intense that in the same year their collaboration received an Oscar for Best Original Song. Celine and Peabo respected and admired each other a lot at the time. So, years later, they were able to find each other and get together.

Unfortunately, at 68 years old , Peabo, Celine’s companion, had to fight death . Indeed, he had a heart attack at his home , in Georgia . Celine Dion then relied on cardiologists taking care of her man. She also prayed during this time that he would heal as soon as possible. This attack devastated Peabo, and while it is true that he survived , he suffered from it. So her heart is now weakenedand he has to pay more attention to himself. Céline therefore accompanies her in this new ordeal which is undoubtedly just as trying for her. Indeed, she herself is in her fifties and her state of health is just as fragile. She must therefore also take care of herself and spare herself .

A strong and courageous singer

It must be recognized that above all Celine Dion is a courageous and human woman . Indeed, despite everything she endures, she always finds the strength to get up. Likewise, when she begins a project, whatever the difficulties, she completes it. This is what her fans admire the most about her. Plus, even when she is in pain, she finds time to support her fans in times of crisis . She was able to show it with her album called Courage, the songs of which are quite inspiring.

The singer has worked hard all her life to reach her current level. Also, to see her, now, emaciated and almost at the end of her strength saddens many of her fans. Even greater is the desolation of these when they find that she continues to make a great effort. It only remains to hope that everything works out for Céline Dion and that she does not succumb to exhaustion. She must find calm and serenity in her life.


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