Kendall Jenner’s surprising change, after a few tweaks


Kendall Jenner is not that well known, unlike her sisters for having any fanaticism about having cosmetic surgeries. However, this does not mean that you have not been to the operating room at other times.

If we look at the photographs from about 10 years ago, the change is resounding. Digging a bit, the highest-paid 24-year-old model of 2017 has undergone several operations.

One of the parts that changed his image is his nose. According to the magazine T, the eldest of the Jenner sisters had a rhinoplasty, as well as a treatment on the cheek bones.

Kendall would have resorted to removing the so-called Bichet Bags. In this way, he has a more defined face and not so cachet. In addition to these modified features, the eyebrows is another one.

According to said magazine, the businesswoman modified this part to show a more defined look. The method used would be through injections of botulinum toxin. What this does is raise the eyebrows.

Lastly,  Kendall Jenner also went through the operating room to correct the most prominent parts of her figure today, and which she can afford to highlight in a two-piece suit.

However, it is true that within all the ostentation that his family exudes, the television personality is simpler than it is behind closed doors.

In the photos she shares on Instagram, Jenner resorts to modeling various outfits and flaunting her prominent physical appearance. At other times she prefers to show herself with her pet, a puppy of the Doberman breed.