Keanu Reeves remembers his role and the filming of ‘Constantine’


In the framework of Comic-Con at Home , the virtual and domestic version of the popular convention, Collider has managed to bring together all those responsible for Constantine, the 2005 adaptation based on the DC comics. Warner Bros. ‘version of one of the darkest and most twisted headlines in the comic will debut in 2005 with Keanu Reeves as the main character, Francis Lawrence as director and Akiva Goldsman as producer. The film was released in 2005 , at a time when the comic tapes had not been monopolized by Marvel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman was still months away from hitting theaters. Those responsible remember how they fought against the study and how they weathered an adaptation that was born with problems.

A cult film that did not have the support of Warner or the viewers

Its premiere was not quite there, but over time, Constantine’s popularity grew . The director of the film has come to confess that, whenever he does an autograph signing or fans can meet him to talk about his work in sagas like The Hunger Games, the movie that always comes out is Constantine . Reeves during the panel also confessed that something similar happens to him, and that although he is always surrounded by good people and very capable casts, that of the aforementioned film is far above all. As highlighted, in each scene with Rachel Weisz, Shia LaBeouf, Djimon Hounsou or Peter Stormare and Tilda Swinton , there was emotion and truth in the filming of the film, and that shows in each frame. And it has merit, wellthe director himself and the producer fought against all odds to get it ahead without excessive cuts or changes by the studio.

“It cost us a lot. Warner … Well, the study ruled that it had to be a movie recommended for over 13 years due to its large budget . And of course, they gave us the list of guidelines of what can and cannot be done. It can be done in a PG-13 movie . And believe us, we followed those rules. It was annoying, because it highlights the number of times you can say fuck on screen, the types of nudes, the blood and the violence you can show, all those When we were selected for the MPAA , and I remember hearing that those guys came in for about five minutes and left their notebooks and said we got a strong R for the tone we had given the movie. And of course, we did not expect it, “confesses Lawrence, who had to go back and lower the tone of the tape to accommodate the requests of the studio.

The studio was scared when, after shooting the tape for over 13 years with violence control or adult scenes, it was awarded an R rating by the MPAA

“I think it was an overwhelming sense of fear that we lived through at the time. They were scared, from the opening scene to the last, it was all scary and Warner thought we couldn’t do anything about it . Basically what we had was a movie recommended for over the age of 13 that actually got an R rating from the agency that is responsible for cataloging it. What screwed me up was that, even though we had made a soft film from the beginning, we were given a rating that we did not deserve . I would have made a tougher adult movie, in terms of intensity, violence, language and all that sort of thing. We screwed up a bit on that front. And we tried to fight, but obviously we didn’t win that battle, “he concluded.


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