Katy Perry announces date her baby will arrive, followed by bad news for her fans


Katy Perry announces date her baby will arrive, followed by bad news for her fans (Instagram)
Katy Perry announces date her baby will arrive, followed by bad news for her fans | Instagram

What was news that delighted fans of singer Katy Perry was overshadowed by bad news that the famous singer revealed at the same time. 

The interpreter of ” Fireworks ” who is about to give birth revealed to her fans about the date when she will finally be able to have her baby in her arms, however, she also accompanied the big news with a bad one, which may sadden his fans. 

According to the famous and Orlando couple, Bloom revealed that the release of his album ” Smile ” will be delayed two weeks. 

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The main reason for this inconvenience, he said, was due to certain delays in production

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The new release of the artist follows from her new album ” Smile ” for which now, the faithful followers of the artist must wait a little longer than planned.

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With an emotional message, the singer asked her fans for a little patience and understanding: 

I hate throwing this bad news at you with one foot to my face … But if there is one thing that 2020 has taught me it is that you don’t have to stick to the plans very much and you have to be moldable, “wrote Katy in the description of a series of photographs showing her receiving a pastelazo on the face.

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Due to inevitable production delays, my album Smile will now be released two weeks later on August 28. To make up for this, starting this Sunday (August 2) and until the album is released (or the #BabyCat … whichever comes first) join #SmileSundays, “the performer wrote. 

The singer reflected on the current times that are lived today due to the coronavirus pandemic , as well as the lessons that it has left her, mentioning the importance of being flexible .

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He also shared with his fans that to compensate for the wait for the new record material, he will make more live broadcasts with a certain periodicity, it could be every Sunday, until the album arrives or until he decides it’s time for his little girl to arrive in the world.

Thank you for being so flexible in this time … It is a wild moment, for sure, but I hope that patience will make it worth the wait, “the singer finished her message.