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MEXICO- Just a few days ago, Mont Pantoja proudly announced that his Instagram account had reached 3 million followers. For which she felt extremely excited, and with emotional words, she thanked all her followers for the support and affection that they sent her day by day. But now, she achieved an even greater achievement, and although she hasn’t officially done so, her fans are already celebrating.

And is that your TikTok account, already exceeded 9 million followers. A figure that undoubtedly he dreamed of reaching, since he began his career as a tiktoker. And his most loyal fans, do not stop commenting on the incredible achievement he has just achieved. Ensuring that you deserve that and much more. And it is that the popularity of Mont Pantoja has not stopped growing, and they are more and more praise for his talent and beauty.


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Lately the members of the well-known “cheli house” have been on everyone’s lips, especially the very popular one, Rod Contreras, this because the type of relationship that he has with Domelipa has not yet been defined, for whom he supposedly decided to leave to Mont Pantoja . But giving a good example, Pantoja, has ignored all the gossip that continues to circulate in the networks, focusing on herself and her career.

“Love flourishes”

In addition that apparently there is already a romance between her and also tiktoker Edwin Mendoza, and that is that lately they have been seen closer together than usual, which has quickly raised endless speculations about their alleged love relationship. Even assuring that Mont Pantoja looks better and happier next to Edwin, than he did next to the controversial Rod Contreras.

@montpantojaTHIS IS REAL 🤫 @edwinmendozza

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And although they have not confirmed the existence of a romance between them, they have also not considered it important to deny these rumors. They are simply dedicated to pleasing their followers, who enjoy watching them together. As well as the notorious chemistry that they share in each of their publications. And leaving Rod Contreras completely aside, Mont Pantoja continues to grow in all aspects of his life.


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