Kylie Jenner pays tribute to her grandmother indelibly


UNITED STATES.- After absorbing chaos, the entire Kardashian-Jenner dynasty had to come to light for the same reason. After several complex days, as a family, they got together to celebrate their grandmother’s 93rd birthday. To celebrate, Kylie Jenner showed various photos through her official Instagram account . But she shared a snapshot that no one expected.

Unlike many other tattoo fans, the socialite is characterized by using small and somewhat “minimalist” brands. For example, it has small numbers, in red “4:43”, the exact time that her daughter Stormi was born. Just like this, there are many significant marks that it has on its body, although not too many. And it seems that this is her preferred color for this type of work.

To commemorate the root of her generation, Kylie Jenner showed off a new indelible drawing, the color of which is also deep red. This time, she wrote the name of her maternal grandmother, “Mari Jo,” in what appears to be a peculiar signature. According to what she herself said, the letter they used was that of her grandfather, and that is why she has such distinctive silhouettes. But this is not the only one.

Eternal union

On the other hand, the also businesswoman, has another brand full of affinity in her body. During her relationship with Travis Scott, the famous singer dedicated an entire album to her love, named “Butterfly Effect”. Because of this, both celebrities decided to tattoo a small butterfly near their ankles on the inside. Of these same dimensions, it has a heart that was made to commemorate its 18th birthday.

Although most people who have a tattoo may be bothered or uncomfortable by the question, what does it mean? the truth is that for sure, nobody would do something eternal if it did not mean something important. Kylie Jenner has her body full of stories to tell, in fact she has a reminder on the top of her hip “sanity”.