Katy Perry does not hesitate to congratulate Nicki Minaj on her pregnancy


Katy Perry continues living a spectacular personal moment. The artist is in the final stretch of her pregnancy , and both she and Orlando Bloom cannot wait to see their little girl’s face.

A pregnancy that to this day remains a mystery in the sense that there is still no official date of delivery , something that neither she nor Orlando Bloom have wanted to reveal yet.

The actress has given an interview to Howard Stern in Sirius XM in which she has once again boasted of pregnancy, but without wanting to reveal more details. An interview in which he also spoke about the release of ‘Smile’, the album that he will publish on August 14 , and it is that everything indicates that his baby could arrive on that date.

In the interview he also spoke about the recent news that the singer Nicki Minaj is also pregnant and has not hesitated to congratulate him, ensuring that he feels great happiness for her.

During the interview, Katy Perry also spoke about her future projects, something she has reflected a lot on in recent months: “One of my life goals is to go to Oxford so I can continue my studies,” he confessed.

At the moment, her closest future is the release of her new album, which she is very proud of, due to all the inconveniences she has experienced and still has been able to bring the album forward: “It was interesting to be able to record this album during a pandemic world, a racial revolution, year of election of the president and in which I got pregnant all at once ».


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