Henry Cavill, the man of steel who will steal your heart


Henry Cavill has been a sensation since we saw him on the big screen, that’s how he has done countless roles but above all things he has fallen in love with his simplicity, his bearing and his talent. Today we tell you more about “the man of steel” who will steal your heart.

And it is that Henry Cavill gained international fame by giving life to the great Clark Kent, who as “Superman” saves the world over and over again, we saw him in the first film “The Man of Steel”, then in “The League of justice ”and now that it has been confirmed that the director, Zack Snyder’s version will be released, his black suit became a trend on social networks. 

Another of his great successes was his participation in “The witcher” , where as the main character, Geralt de Rivia , he gave life to a highly known being from the world of video games and literature. But Henry Cavill is so much more and his charm has roots in Saint Helier, Jersey, UK, where he was born on May 5, 1983.

Henry Cavill has been an actor since 2001, he has performed roles on television and later migrated to the cinema with several films,  but this time of shelter, has also allowed him to show his more homey side, where he has confirmed that just as cute, he also it is in the heart, crowning himself as one of the most admired gallants alongside Chris Evans and others. 

Henry Cavill, in his own words

Henry Cavill can raise sighs just by adjusting his hair like a certain video that has been circulating on social networks for months. In matters of romance little is known, because even being one of the most famous men in the world, he is usually very private and in these days of shelter, he has been at home doing a little of everything.

Recently Henry Cavill chose to put together a computer and the video became trending on Instagram because of the skill he showed. Previously, he was showing how good he is in the kitchen, with several dishes prepared by himself, which again earned him a wave of praise and declarations of love from his followers. 

For many women, Henry Cavill is the perfect man and they only wait for this quarantine to pass so they can see him on the big screen, although for now you can find him on various digital entertainment platforms such as Netflix, where a new film called “Enola Holmes” will be released soon. . 

In case you doubted it, here are some more images that confirm why we love Henry Cavill


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