Britney’s battle to regain her freedom: she has lived 13 years under her father’s legal guardianship


At 38, the American singer Britney Spears has no control over her fortune and must ask her father for permission for even the most basic things – like going out to eat a hamburger – because that was determined by a court years ago.

It all goes back to the sad episodes experienced in 2007 when the interpreter of “Baby, one more time” went into a deep depression, which included substance addiction, after her breakup with her husband Kevin Federline, who is the father of their two sons. During that time it was that she hit a paparazzi and shaved her head, among other episodes that would mark the beginning of her psychiatric history.

In fact, that year she was admitted to a rehabilitation center at the same time that she was given custody of her children to her ex-husband and her father asked to be her legal guardian.

Although the star was supposed to be under her father’s custody for only a year, she’s already 13. Since then, Britney Spears has been unable to interview, shop, dine at restaurants, or spend her money without her parent’s permission. . What’s more, her enormous fortune valued at more than 200 million dollars (according to Forbes), she manages.

Although Britney seemed to get better over the years and even returned to acting and making music, in April 2019 she was admitted to a psychiatric clinic allegedly due to a crisis. Back then it was said that the situation was unleashed due to the health problems of her father, Jamie Spears, who had been operated twice for a problem in the colon.

However, she later claimed that her own father forced her entry into the compound after she went out to eat a hamburger with her boyfriend without asking his permission.

Britney wants Lynne to be your tutor

According to the newspaper El País, in the midst of his delicate state of health, Jamie temporarily ceded mentoring to his manager Jodi Montgomery and things became complex. Also, last but not least, in September 2019 Kevin Federline went to court to reduce custody of Britney over her children, accusing Jamie of mistreating them. The judge granted it.

Tras todos estos incidentes, Britney ahora desea que su madre Lynne -quien se divorció de Jamie en 2002- sea quien vele por ella. De hecho, la misma madre dijo que quiere hacerse cargo de su hija porque está preocupada por su bienestar y “alarmada” por su estado actual.

Algunos creen que esto es un intento de la cantante por liberarse, pues confía en su madre y sabe que no será tan controladora como su padre y su manáger.

De hecho, ya hace un tiempo hay una campaña en redes sociales llamada #FreeBritney (y #LiberenABritney en español) que exigen que la cantante pueda recuperar su autonomía. Incluso figuras como Miley Cyrus se han unido para exigir que la cantante pueda ser libre. También exigen que se investiguen porque esta tutoría legal se ha extendido por tanto tiempo.

Lynne has argued that her daughter’s great career over the years is not consistent with the restrictions placed on her own life.


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