Unusual: Shakira is linked to narcotics and ends up in court


Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira is experiencing a very uncomfortable moment after a musical group used her name and image to promote lyrics that demean her as a person and as an artist. 

The defendants accused of defamation are rappers Kalazh44 and Lebanese Samra, who, according to Diario Gol, not only used the artist’s image without her permission but linked it to an illegal activity: the consumption of narcotic drugs. 


Draw coc @ colombiana as Shakira, says a fragment of one of the songs on the group’s new album, which is also titled with the name of Gerard Piqu’s girlfriend. And not only that. On the cover of the same they use a manipulated image of Shakira in an attitude as if he were consuming an illegal substance, Diario Gol specified. 

According to the lawyers, the situation was generated with bad intention to discredit Shakira and therefore, Piqu did not take long to bring the case to legal. The Suelta la Sopa program revealed that the couple made a formal complaint for defamation. 

When an apology request was expected, the worst happened: the rappers wrote a mocking post on their Instagram: Shakira, in case you see this, I want you to know that we admire you a lot. We really like your music and we don’t want problems. Oh, and Piqu , you play very well



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