Kylie gives her daughter Stormi a gift worth $200,000


Businesswoman Kylie Jenner has broadcast on numerous occasions that since her daughter Stormi was born, she has become her number one priority. That is why the little girl of the Kardashian clan, who has built a cosmetic empire at an early age, spares no expense in gifts for her daughter.

As reported by the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, the young woman has decided to buy her first-born, the result of her past relationship with rapper Travis Scott, a horse valued at $ 200,000, which she must move from the Netherlands to Los Angeles. The pony chosen by Kylie is gray in color, would currently be 17 years old, and would have named it ‘Frozen’.

Kylie and rapper Travis Scott decided to part on good terms and publicly broadcast that the most important to both of them is Stormi. The good relationship between the two is evident, on June 22, Father’s Day in the United States, the ‘celebrity’ did not hesitate to congratulate the father of her daughter through social networks.