‘Under the Skin’ and 11 other films about visiting lone aliens on Earth


The late release of ‘Under the Skin’ (2013) in Spain has reactivated interest in the Jonathan Glazer film , making it accessible for the first time to thousands of people and reminding us of a good batch of films about lonely aliens that, like the one he plays Scarlett Johansson seek to either learn more about humans or feed on them without deploying an army of flying saucers. These are some of the examples of alien tourism cinema on our planet.

Ultimatum to Earth (The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951)

The Day The Earth Stood Still 1951 Ievenn 2

A peaceful alien civilization arrives on Earth offering to revolutionize humanity’s technology, with a humanoid emissary named Klaatu, who offers to save Earth from inevitable destruction on the condition of ending wars . It is one of the first examples of a peaceful visit that, except for the presence of its threatening guard Gort, takes place as a quiet cultural exchange where conversation reigns. Key to the issues of nuclear danger of the Cold War that in the 2008 remake with Keanu Reeves was climate change.

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The man who fell to Earth (The Man Who Fell to Earth, 1976)


It is no wonder that ‘ Under the Skintakes several visual, tone and staging cues from this cult favorite by Nicolas Roeg , who not only shares the theme but his hypnotic artie quality. With an emaciated and pale David Bowie as the stagnant alien in the United States of the 70s, the film is an exploration of the country that, like Glazer, explores human issues, less related to mating and the human condition, but if focused on issues such as immigration , corruption and the power of the media.

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Superman (1978)

Christopher Reeve

Superman is one of the great superhero movies, but his traditional science fiction perspective is often ignored, which follows humanity’s vision of an alien sent to Earth by his parents shortly before the disappearance of their planet. native. Learning his powers and his heroic acts to protect humans are part of his day to day, but the moments that give depth to the character are frustrating when trying to understand the complexity of the human condition .

ET, the extraterrestrial (ET, The Extraterrestrial, 1982)

ET the alien

The family version of Steven Spielberg’s alien visit was an instantaneous global cultural phenomenon that has marked subsequent science fiction filmmaking through its sleek and straightforward story of a boy’s friendship with an alien , who managed to leap and blow sparks from magic in its drama, much more heartbreaking than it is remembered and with a humanistic perspective and that shows a sentimentality without complexes.

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Xtro (1982)


At the same time as ET, this British exploitation recounted the grim readaptation of a man who was kidnapped by aliens and returns to Earth, changed, or rather transformed into an alien that rapes, impregnates and is reborn as an adult in one of the most Savages and Kaffirs of ’80s Horror Cinema. A surreal and atmospheric nightmare that has many points in common with’ Under the Skin ‘, from the visitor’s uncomfortable sexual arc, its mangy UK , to the inconceivable processes of reproduction and even the dream visions in a state of unhealthy feverish sleep.

The brother from another planet (The Brother form Another Planet, 1984)


John Sayles is one of the most politically committed screenwriters in American cinema. If his unfilmed script of ‘Night Skies’ gave rise to ET, precisely, ‘ The Brother from another planet ‘ managed to cross different vocations of the author, with an extraterrestrial visitor, who looks a lot like a human black man, who wanders around the streets of Harlem. So with a simple premise, the film reveals itself as an ingenious reflection on race relations, drug abuse, and urban social inequality , with more points in common with Glazer’s film than meets the eye.

Starman, the man of the stars (1984)

Starman The Star Man 848344715 Large

Many thought that John Carpenter accused the success of ‘ET’ to the failure of ‘ The Thing ‘ (The Thing, 1982), but the sensitivity shown in ‘ Starman’ distances him from what is normally attributed to him as a commission with which he wanted to redeem himself. A more than remarkable film about a being from outer space, tremendous Jeff Bridges , who meets a young widow, taking the appearance of her late husband, starting a trip to Arizona pursued by government agents who want to capture the man from the stars dead or alive .

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Species, deadly species (1995)


The plot of this 90s camp artifact is basically the same as ‘Under the Skin’, with a beautiful alien desperately looking for men , the difference is that this was designed to exploit sexual encounters and show Natasha Henstridge’s naked body to the fullest possible and that this sought to procreate and not send the flesh of humans to their planet. Its second part is an absolute madness that changed the protagonist’s sex and turned into a festival of explosive pregnancies and deaths by an alien dick that functioned as a savage satire of President Clinton’s sexual delusions. From seeing to believing.

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K-Pax. A Universe Apart (2001)

K Pax

Jeff Bridges retorts his ‘Starman’ as a psychiatrist treating a patient (Kevin Spacey) in a psychiatric hospital that he claims to be from a distant planet called K-PAX . Although she tries to help him, she begins to doubt her own explanations. The two theories feed each other throughout the film, and the resolution ends up being the least important, since the development blurs the line that separates who is an absolute stranger on earth from humans, or at least those who have suffered or they have a mental condition that does not conform to what some consider “normal”.

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Outlander (2008)


A horror-action variation of our ‘ The Knight and the Dragon’ who has a very bad rap for her horrible box office failure and a lukewarm critical reception. However this species of Beowulf, with an alien played by Jim Caviezel who lands in the Viking era to hunt a space dragon , is gore, has a rhythm and has some action scenes that make it worthwhile, although his knowledge of humans focuses mostly on falling in love with a Scandinavian.

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Under the Skin (2013)


Cooked for nine years, Jonathan Glazer’s ambitious film takes a dark satirical science fiction novel by Michael Faber as a starting point, but offers an abstract nightmare meditation on humanity from a strange perspective . Scarlett Johansson plays an alien who takes the form of an attractive woman, before taking to the streets of Glasgow in search of human prey. Her seduction tactic is effective, but when she begins to empathize with her victims everything becomes more … complicated.

Midnight Special (2016)


Taking ‘Starman’ and ‘Eyes of Fire’ as a starting point , Jeff Nichols presents a road movie in which the alien perspective is approached from a parent-family point of view . A great Michael Shannon and an austere tone, narrated with wide angles and an atmosphere of rural North America, speaks of human errors and redemption while offering a tense journey crowned by a luminous climax.

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