Katy Perry takes risks in the last month of her pregnancy and confirms for Tomorrowland


Award-winning artist Katy Perry again demonstrated that her current pregnancy does not represent any impediment to continue entertaining her millions of followers with her most successful songs, and to demonstrate it, the pop diva surprised in the early hours by confirming her attendance at the Tomorroland festival, the which will be transmitted via online as a consequence of the effect of the pandemic by COVID-19.

The announcement of the participation in the popular electronic music event was issued by the interpreter of Fireworks through Zoom connection, in which he also highlighted the challenge it represents for the organizers of the festival to have to provide a true sensory experience that tries to replicate the euphoria of a massive audience demanding the best sound effects.

The agreement that  Katy Perry has with lovers of one of the most famous festivities on the globe is to present the singles Smyle and Daisies, which are part of her new album. With this strategy, the celebrity expressed during the broadcast of the announcement that the songs he will sing will feature the most revolutionary melodies and settings in the electronic mixing genre.

Another clarification that Orlando Bloom’s wife emphasized  is that she is in perfect conditions to take on the challenge, so being on tape does not represent any impediment to being part of the unprecedented digital event. At the same time, she claimed to be excited to participate in an event that will include the presence of Martin Garrix, David Guetta and other renowned experts from the controls.