Demi Lovato’s original manicure: Alien Nails

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Rosalía and Chiara Ferragni tremble! A new celebrity imposes the manicure that only the boldest are going to want to wear: alien nails.

Demi Lovato shared through her Instagram account (where she has more than 88 million followers) a post wearing two very chic trends: acrylic lenses and original nail art. The singer took a natural selfie with her hair down and a black shirt, but she gave the note with her maxi, transparent and rectangular-shaped lenses and her green and neon yellow nails with black details, which formed ‘the face of an Alien ‘.

“I have new glasses and no, I don’t have a new single called Aliens that is about to come out, I only have Alien’s nails because I’m weird and I like it, ” Lovato joked in her post that earned her almost 2 million likes. “The Alien album is confirmed,” “You’re not from this world,” “Okay, those nails are a hit. Actually, the whole look!”; are some of the comments that her fans and friends left on her post.

Demi Lovato's look for the cover of a digital magazine.  (Photo: Instagram).
Demi Lovato’s look for the cover of a digital magazine. (Photo: Instagram).

Recently, the singer showed off on the cover of a digital magazine with a production of natural photos, demonstrating her new, more relaxed lifestyle. She wore several looks in total white where linen outfits with tops and bell bottoms were the stars. Demi shared the photos on her account and earned more than 1.6 million likes.

The singer's total look for Bustle magazine.  (Photo: Instagram).
The singer’s total look for Bustle magazine. (Photo: Instagram).