Sophie Turner lives her pregnancy with total freshness and sets the trend with her “effortless” style


During the confinement, several celebrities were able to enjoy the parate of their agendas and the tranquility of their home to carry out the first months of their pregnancies, such as the case of Sophie Turner.

The actress who played Sanda Stark kept the happy news of her first baby a secret with her husband Joe Jonas as long as possible.

Having spent several months since then, the English woman already shows off a gut that cannot be hidden even on the advice of Gigi Hadid, so she chose to appear fresh and as is.

Although at first, she had taken on the sporty look that copied Irina Shayk with the use of bikers, the “Games of Thrones” star opted for an effortless style combining more.

To feel comfortable in her current state, the celeb started wearing high- waisted leggings ideal for prenatal bodies and oversized shirts or the occasional oversized shirt that could very well be Joe’s.

Unlike Gigi Hadid who just a few days ago deigned to show her baby pump (and not even the whole one), the wife of Joe Jonas who wanders the streets with total ease has already been photographed by the curious.

But getting to feel that empowered was not easy for the figure of “The Thirteenth Tale”. On the “Phil in the Blanks” podcast, she confessed that criticism of her acting and physical appearance destroyed her.

To such an extent that he could not see its qualities and elegant to stay in his house ignoring how much plan there is. But meeting her husband in 2016 was crucial for Turner, since he was the one who taught her how to live with the critic and helped him to value himself more.