Jennifer Aniston devastated by Brad Pitt’s new romance?


Since the beginning of this year Brad Pitt has been linked with Alia Shawkat, from the popular series “Arrested Development” and, although the actor seems to have reconciled with Cupid, the one who would not be so happy would be his most famous ex, Jennifer Aniston. According to the American press, the award-winning interpreter He is struggling to accept Brad’s new relationship with the 31-year-old.

The last great approach that Brad and Jenn had was public and notorious, in the middle of the Golden Globes gala where both celebrated the triumph of the other. Although it is true, since they divorced at least 15 years ago, each one continued with his life, they have always maintained a good friendship, something that Jennifer Aniston would not be willing to lose with the arrival of a new love of life of the.

Brad and Alia have been practically inseparable in recent weeks (…) if he chooses her, Jen will be devastated”,A close source Brad Pitt told Woman UK magazine. In addition, the actress who played Rachel Green is believed to have tried to keep in touch with her ex, however, the restrictions following the pandemic have made it all the more difficult. “Jen doesn’t want to seem desperate, but she seems to have a hard time staying calm when all she hears from mutual friends is how in love Brad is with Alia,” she added.

Brad and Jenn for a good cause

15 long years have passed since Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt formally announced the end of their relationship, one of the most beloved and beloved in all of Hollywood. Since then fans of the ex-partner have held out hope of seeing them together again, yet each went on with their lives in separate ways, until now when they were joined by a good cause they have in common.

It should be remembered that the United States has been going through intense days of demonstrations for the Black Lives Matter movement since last month. The actor attended several of these protests and decided to make a donation worth $ 1 million to the organization, after speaking with Aniston who has been greatly affected by the death under arrest of George Floyd and thus contributed the same amount as it to the organism.