Why don’t Brad Pitt and his older son Maddox talk to each other?

¿Por qué Brad Pitt y su hijo mayor Maddox no se hablan?

We recently learned that family therapy sessions have done wonders to improve the complicated relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after their tense divorce process. And coinciding with his 14th birthday, the American media also published how proud the actor was of his daughter Shiloh. But there is still an unresolved issue in the family: the relationship with her oldest son, Maddox.

“That relationship is still non-existent,” a source assures ‘Us Weekly’ magazine, adding that the Oscar-winning interpreter, 56, does not see his 18-year-old son, nor does he speak to Pax, 16.

The actor, along with his parents and children Pax, Shiloh and Maddox. (Getty)
The actor, along with his parents and children Pax, Shiloh and Maddox. (Getty)

According to the aforementioned media, Brad Pitt considers that the lack of communication with his first-born is “a tremendous loss” but that Maddox “has not been receptive” to his attempts to channel the relationship.

Pitt and Maddox have been estranged since an alleged altercation during a private jet flight to Los Angeles in 2016. What really happened aboard that plane? The versions differ, but according to published ‘TMZ’ in his day, the young man would have interposed between both actors in defense of his mother when they began to argue. This would have angered Pitt, who would have lashed out at his son.

It has also been speculated that the actor’s fit of fury would have occurred as a consequence of Maddox’s misbehavior during the flight. The teenager would have started to do his thing and this caused his father’s violent reaction . Be that as it may, it is taken for granted that that incident marked the beginning of the end of the couple formerly known as Brangelina, who separated that same year.

 Brangelina, in 2015. (Getty)
Brangelina, in 2015. (Getty)

“I parted ways for the well-being of my family,” Jolie said in a recent interview with ‘Vogue.’ “It was the right decision. I continue to focus on her healing. Some have taken advantage of my silence, and the children see lies about them published in the media, but I remind them that they know what their own truth is. ”

She and Brad Pitt started dating in 2005 after the actress had already become the mother of Maddox and Zahara . The actor adopted the children of his then girlfriend and legally changed their last names to Jolie-Pitt. After welcoming four more children, they were married in 2014 in France.