What will it be?: Aislinn ernesto derbez shares a funny video with his daughter Kailani


UNITED STATES.- The mexican actress Aislinn Ernesto Derbezthe daughter of the comedian Eugenio Ernesto Derbezshared through the social networking an adorable video of his daughter Kailani and her. Thus, by means of TikTok, ensures the audiovisual sector in that they are both very similar, so that the views in the publication are licensed and, above all, divided with regard to the declaration of the model.

In the light of the above, the description of the video on the network, he says, “what you look like? 😂😍”, as the same shows a transition of an image of aislinn in his childhood, a photo of Kailani. Before this, some and some users argued that the genes of the family, mr. derbez “are strong” and made jokes about the similarity between the two was, in the end, in the ears.


you look like? 😂😍

I have the feeling – BCD Studio-LI

In this way, many of the opinions that have been divided to ensure that there was also a strong similarity with the father of the girl, Mauricio Ochmann. In the meantime, has assured that the eyes of Kailani are similar to those of the mother, and many others, you are joined to this perception, and declared with emphasis that looks a lot more a mexican actor who has starred in the comedy telenovela “El Chema” that aislinn ernesto derbez.

The requited love, but the fleeting aislinn

On the other hand, a few days ago, the actress and model of mexican, had posted a story on Instagram in which he congratulated his birthday, the singer of Reik, Jesus Navarro. To do this, the image shows a few years ago, and in which the protagonist of the film “The Villain”, says that his love was reciprocated by a couple of weeks. So, followed by an emoji of laughter, it is seen that all was in good condition.


It should be noted that aislinn mr. derbez has participated in several series and movies. “What a pity your life”, “Miss Bala: no mercy”, “Do it like a man”, “Male” or “heaven in your eyes”, are just a few of the films in which he has participated or actress. In addition, your most recent participation was also on the reality show with her entire family in Morocco, “travelling with mr. derbez”.


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