Usain Bolt: “Not empujaré my daughter for athletics, the support, if you want to”


Photo courtesy of Apple TV+ Usain Bolt. The athlete has recently presented his daughter, Olympia Lightning,

Los Angeles (USA)- Usain Bolt has recently presented his daughter, Olympia Lightning, a name that recalls the origin of the Olympic Games, although legend of track and field clearly does not have the pressure of being an athlete, because the comparison can be a big problem.

“Try not to push in athletics. It is not for everyone. Also, it will be more difficult for her, because many of us will be in comparison with me. But if you want it, support it”, he said that the athlete is in a video call with journalists in which it was Ef.

The public presentation of his daughter coincided with the premiere of the documentary “Greatness” Code on the platform Apple TV+, a series in which the Bolt shares the limelight with other elite athletes like Lebron James, Tom Brady, Kelly Slater, and Alex Morgan.

Each episode presents an athlete who tells the story in less than 10 minutes at a turning point in his career, and the Bolt has chosen the time when they broke a world record in the 100-meter dash with 9,58 seconds at the world championships in Berlin in 2009, a mark has not been beaten since then.

Even if it has been more than a decade, Bolt remembers perfectly the moment and the previous work.

“It’s just a matter of desire and work, which is what makes it a great, if not we will work on our talents will not be great. All dedication,” said the athlete from jamaica.

Even so, Bolt is back to get excited after seeing the video that combines their memories with the images of television, virtual tour, and a montage very original.

“It’s so well done! It is so creative that I had the goose bumps to relive time and time again,” he said.


Despite having withdrawn from the competition, in 2017, the Bolt is still in contact with the world of sport, something that has less during the pandemic.

“I miss the sport! Since the pandemic there was nothing,” he said from his home in Sherwood, in Jamaica.

Bolt said of the training, with exercise routine, “normal”, and it was love, among others, the sport of the bicycle.

“For me, the wheels are difficult to put on the wheels is difficult,” said the man who has made history with the speed of his walk.

And even if the lack of sport during the confinement from the coronavirus, the Bolt has to be the parents of a new commitment and a goal that he also wants to be the best it can be.

“My goal has always been to be one of the greatest; to be the best model to follow -he said – For me, being a father is new, but in reality, what I’m having fun and I’m learning with my daughter, just seeing her grow.”


In addition to having the fastest man in history, the “Magnitude” account Code with the testimony of the other athletes record.

Lebron James, winner of three rings in the NBA and two olympic gold medals; Tom Brady, american football player with six Super Bowl; and Kelly Slater, a surfer, a winner of 11 world, are the protagonists of the first season.

Add to that the captain of the women’s national team of football of the USA and two-time world champion, Alex Morgan; the winner of 15 gold medals at the world swimming championships, Katie Ledecky; and the current olympic champion in snowboarding, Shaun White.

Directed by documentary filmmaker marina Gotham Chopra, each episode features a custom style for each athlete and the chosen time.

“Even though they are very different, all have in common the fact to concentrate the time and a goal,” said Chopra.

The director, the author of the documentary “Kobe Bryant”s Muse”, is already thinking about a possible second season, that would be happy to have, among others, with Lionel Messi or Rafa Nadal. EFE



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