The congress rejects denial of the holocaust, Vox – News Company


The Congress has slammed yesterday the amendment presented by Vox against the law of climate change and energy transition, that the Government sent on 19 may to the Courts to begin its parliamentary process. The main objective of the standard is that Spain reach the neutrality of emissions, such as very late in the year 2050, in line with the requests of the scientists and a good part of Spanish society, as evidenced by the massive demonstration of last December, he returned to Greta Thunberg, who came to Madrid for the Summit, because of the time COP25.

During the discussion, all the groups strongly rejected the amendment of the Vox, which was considered to be a “holocaust denier”, given that it does not put in doubt the existence of climate change, but ensures that this is not due to the action of man. “The climate has changed and evolved over the centuries”, said the mp of the party of the ultra-right, Mireia Borrás, for which the Government intends to sell its dogma and radically transform” the model of life of the spaniards. On the contrary, the vice-president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, said that the law “responds to the warnings of science and the needs of society”.

The rejection of the one amendment to the entire against the project, does not mean that this will be an easy road, given that games like Cs or the PP has been told to submit partial amendments to the act not “to destroy the industrial fabric”.

intermediate steps /And that is to reach climate neutrality by mid-century, that is to say, that the country to emit the amount of greenhouse gases that their sinks can absorb, the bill marks a series of intermediate steps, such as reduction of the emissions in 2030 by at least 20% compared to 1990. This level represents an increase of the commitment of the Spanish Government, in line with the guidelines set out by the EU and the Paris Agreement. To do this, renewable energies will have to have a minimum weight of 70%, which would maintain the closure of the coal in the next 12 months.


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