The bad Batch, the new series of Star Wars and their date of Disney+


A heritage of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

If you are put in the scene of The War of the Galaxies and you’ve followed his various contents belonging to the franchise, you know that recently completed one of the most successful animated series of the signature. We refer, of course, to The Clone Wars, an animated television series launched on cartoon Network in 2008, and is set between the events of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of The Clones and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith. The proposal has been canceled, to the dismay of their fans in 2014, however, Disney has decided to recover and give a the end of the season we were able to enjoy very recently.

The Clone Wars

Not only that. Your story has served to give the feet and the base for other future projects, as is the case of the new series that we are faced with now, The Bad Batch. In it, he has revealed Disney+ meet the clones of elite Game Evilwe met for the first time in The Clone Wars and now hold, in a galaxy that changes rapidly immediately after the Clone Wars and that you will undertake missions for the mercenary is very different.

All the producers and screenwriters in charge of this new proposal have been previously on other tapes or series of the saga, at least officially announced until now, it is clear, so that you can be guaranteed that the essence and the feel that all of us try to give a try to a new history of Star Wars.

There are still no official images The Bad Batch but if we scoured a bit on the official channel of Disney+ YouTube is possible to give a clip official The Clone Wars just from the title, “The bad Batch”, where you can take a look at this one the team of clones (that differ genetically from their brethren of the Army of clones), and have a great skill as soldiers and extraordinarily effective and almost unbeatable.


The date of the premiere of the bad Batch

The reason that Disney has announced this series, produced by Lucasfilm, which already has a fixed date in the calendar. To us yes that we have only left to know with the time that will come in 2021it will be available in the platform of on demand content.

Perhaps the current pandemic the COVID-19 has forced the company to be cautious and a general fact, who knows if he has suffered some delays, and is expected for this year. Let’s imagine that a time is coming and the orders of the day are a bit more closed and quiet, you will be able to speak of a specific day in the calendar. Neglected, the day that happens, I will let you know here, please do not hesitate.