Thandie Newton talks about what to expect in the fourth season – Westworld – Spoiler Time


After the end of the third season of Westworld, the story is coming to give an unexpected turn to the entire public and this has left the way open for many possibilities in how to follow, and pay the story.

In an interview with Expiration, the actress Thandie Newton he spoke about what might happen with Maeve, his character, after the end of the third chapter where have we seen a team with Caleb (Aaron Paul), which apparently will continue the revolution that began The pain (Evan Rachel Wood) and now has a new enemy Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), accompanied by the The man in Black (Ed Harris).

“I spoke with Lisa (Joy), and, in general, have adhered to its initial plan of where this is going. In fact, they have been able to continue. Are very much tied to what your intention was at the beginning. Do not be swayed by the public or the fandom, or something similar. Want to tell a story that imagined a long time ago and that they are going to follow, and I like it.”

To this, moreover, he added that he was fascinated by what they have done with Charlotte, since the beginning of the season was at the mercy of his creator, and at the end he wants to destroy it. It also expects a lot from his relationship with the character of Aaron Paulthat has seen very little and required to know why The pain has chosen him. If it is all part of an experiment, actually trying that humanity had a leader.

Westworld will return for a fourth season, perhaps even 2022, taking into account the landscape that we are currently experiencing, and that complicates the filming of many movies.