Selena Gomez is back and more beautiful than ever on the social networks


The singer and actress Selena Gomez it has become an act of presence in the their social networks, you show the natural way into a set of very comfortable clothing and outdoor. According to the opinion of many users of networks, the young singer is much more beautiful never.

After almost a month of not posting to their social networks, Selena Gomez he had kept his followers up to the expectations, because from the movement “Black Lives Matter”, the young artist devoted himself to publish in your space, photographs, and video on the movement, giving voice to experts and scholars on the theme of discrimination and racism.

In addition to making a few brief appearances in streaming video live, to support certain causes with your image, and donations. Up to the moment in which the singer Justin Bieber he was caught in a controversy following allegations of abuse, in which it was called.

Without giving any response to the situation, Selena Gomez given that I had not posted anything since then. So a few days ago it reappeared with a very fresh and natural, it seems that very little or almost no makeup, and the set of a sports brand Puma with the that worked.

The publication in a very short time, has reached more than 6 million likes and thousands of comments filled with praise for her great beauty, and style. In addition to bring us a little surprise, on the occasion of the launch her new video in collaboration with Trevor Daniel on the single “Past Life”.

Where she wears a simple hair cut the game in half with a sweatshirt color blue, in addition to a simple natural makeup that makes you look your skin bright. Made this video on the YouTube platform I had a million visits, to be a musical hit for the singer Selena Gomez.

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