Henry Cavill talks about the rumors of his return in the role of Superman


Superman Henry Cavill

Last the month of January, Henry Cavill to the left is very clear: “I had no intention of giving up the role” Superman despite the rumors that Warner Bros. I wanted to change the interpretation of the iconic character, after the decision of Ben Affleck leaving the role of Batman. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the latest news on the return of Cavill as Superman should cheer the actor. In fact, it seems that it is not so.

In a new interview with Variety to promote the second season of The Witcher, which will resume filming in August, Cavill revealed that, in reality, is frustrated by the recent rumors of his alleged return as the The man of Steel. However, remaining faithful to the character, trying to assimilate the excitement and focus on the positive:

“They (the voices) are more and more wild every day. The amount of speculation, the things that I read on the Internet, is extraordinary, and, at times, frustrating. That happens when you see people that says that things are in reality. That is, “No, this is not the case. This has not happened, and that conversation doesn’t occur“. But what is important is that people are excited about, and I believe that it is important to get excited about a character like Superman. Superman is a fantastic character. If people talk about it, and even if he invents things, nothing happens, because it means that they want to return to see the character. And in an ideal world, I’d like to re-interpret the character“.

When asked if he ever had the temptation to comment on these rumors on the Internet using an alias, Cavill said: “I’m Not going to lie, I was very tempted, but there is something that seems to me profoundly immoral“. When it comes to Superman, and if I’m speaking in the name of Superman, I have the feeling that it is not right. I’m going to leave that all of this was resolved. I say that something is not going to change things. What does it really matter? One day people will know the truth, and now, if you don’t know, nothing happens”.

On the other hand, with respect to the premiere of the Snyder Cutthat will HBO Max the next year, Cavill said when asked if he is surprised by his release:

“I don’t know if I’m surprised. With everything that has happened this year, with the confinement and the cinema was closing, and the streaming services that are now the way in which you are purchasing our entertainment, it’s not really a surprise. I think that is one of those things that is an opportunity, and I think it’s great that Zack (Snyder) has the opportunity to finally meet your vision of (‘Justice League’) and I think that is really important to an author and a film director. When something like this does not happen, it is always a sad situation. And now that Zack has the chance, and I’m excited to see.”

On the basis of how the idea of Snyder’s Cut of Justice League, Cavill has reason. Since the film premiered in theaters in 2017, there has been a loud outcry for it, but it was not until the end of last year that Warner Bros., HBO and Max are in contact with Snyder for him to do so. This is a part of the company that is building its catalog of content for a streaming service that has just made its debut. Joining the war of the stream with the other competitors, including HBO, Max, to differentiate themselves to attract subscribers. It makes sense for them to capitalize on the mounting Snyder of the Justice League and use it to your advantage.


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